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Ann Baldwin And Alcoholism

10446399_10203114556802456_217326816_nAlcoholism.. it knows no boundaries, many of us know some one who is dealing with this addiction.
Former Connecticut News Anchor, Ann Baldwin, is a recovering alcoholic and is now making it her mission to help others who may be suffering from this disease.

When I first came to News 8, 27 and a half years ago, Ann and I were reporters on the street, she worked for NBC 30. Ann was tough and always on her game and it was great going up against her, because we were both about the story. Fast forward many years later she got into trouble, big trouble, alcoholism was in her family and it hit her too.

It was a pleasure to have her on my show to tell her story so that someone watching might see themselves in her and get help.

If you have someone in your family or have a friend who may benefit by seeing Baldwin’s interview, pull up a chair and have them watch. This is a no holds barred chat.
Baldwin is well and is now a Grandmother of one and engaged to be married ,she is a success story.

Questions for Ann Baldwin? Email:  annbaldwin717@gmail.com