Serve Here Connecticut


There is an initiative brewing that would help bring down college debt for students, create jobs and help non-profits in Connecticut all at the same time. It’s called “Serve Here Connecticut” and it’s set to get off the ground next summer for students aged 18 to 25. Connecticut philanthropist, Alva Greenberg and partner Thomas Gullotta, met about thirty years ago at Child and Family Services of Southeastern Connecticut. They have put in countless hours over the years there for children, and have made a true difference and they are doing that again with Serve Here CT. They came on to lay out their plans for this great idea.

If you want to help the pair lead the charge to make a difference, here is the email to get a hold of Greenberg and Gullotta:

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    Ann thank you for sharing this amazing pair with us! Connecticut is fortunate to have each of you pulling for us!