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The Historic Thomaston Opera House

10478339_700885036645380_1890459902_oThe Thomaston Opera house is a beautiful red brick building that serves as home to the Landmark Community Theatre and the civic offices for the town. Built in 1884 at the stated cost of $50,000, it served the community in various ways until the 1960’s when it fell into disrepair and plans were then made to demolish it. Volunteers got together to repair the facility, at least enough to meet fire codes for the time. Then throughout the next decades, different commissions and groups assisted with funds to keep it running. But again in 1985 the theatre was closed in mid performance of Our Town due to fire code violations. That’s when efforts began to renovate it and save it.

Through hard work and long hours the Thomaston Opera House was saved and has become a destination site for Connecticut. Today, the Landmark Community Theatre proudly runs productions throughout the year at the Thomaston Opera House, serving the community with a wide variety of theatrical entertainment. Take the kids and enjoy the shows, and help keep it thriving.

As a special treat for you, this is my very talented friend, Juan Cardona, Jr. of Newtown, Connecticut playing the amazingly beautifully restored organ at the Opera House. He is sought after all over the country because of his amazing talent. This was around Christmas time, he hopped right up and played a mini concert for me.

Here is the story I did on Juan in November of 2011, if you want to know more about him and the organ at the Opera House, which his family helped to restore. Juan’s Story.

If you get a chance to go hear Juan play, don’t miss it, he is a master!