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“Dislexia: The Movie” By Harvey Hubbell V


Documentary film maker, Harvey Hubbell is dyslexic…educated in Newtown, Connecticut in the 1960’s, life for him was difficult because educators didn’t know then what they know now. Children can be taught to read and write if they are diagnosed at an early age. Hubbell who now lives in Litchfield, Connecticut, has produced a very successful documentary called “Dislexia: The Movie.” You’ll not Hubbell spelled “dyslexia” wrong on purpose in the movie title.

Hubbell lays it all on the line. He talks about dyslexia anywhere and everywhere. You can get ahold of his documentary and show it at a venue and invite him to be there. He’s so passionate about educating others he’ll put a panel together for you after the movie so folks can really talk about dyslexia. His hope is that educating everybody will prevent kids from suffering like he did.