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“Lab Candy” Brings Girls To A World Of Science


Olive Pavco Giaccia, a junior at Yale University, is studying Neurobiology…she loves science and wants young girls to embrace it too.
As a kid in high school interning in a California lab,and being the only woman in the group, she started blogging about science and one day put up a photo of some bedazzled goggles..and that set the wheels in motion about what is happening today.
She is the founder of “Lab Candy” and with Yale’s Entrepreneurial Institute behind her idea is taking off. She has a KickStarter up that is raising money so that she can bring her goggles and her brightly colored lab coats and a book to market, she raised $20,000.00 in three days so the sky appears to be the limit her for her, she’s on to something.


Olivia gives two of her teachers credit as to why she is studying science…they inspired her. If you would like to get a hold of Olivia to talk about her “Lab Candy” at your school or organization to help her endeavors, you can get a hold of her here: olivia@labcandy.com

Olivia is one of those brilliant women that you bump into in life that is already changing the world, oh, by the way she plays a mean cello too, you can see her playing with a cello group at Yale called “Low Strung.”