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Ridgefield, Connecticut Is A Top Small Town


Parade Magazine held a contest and had folks submit their favorite small towns across America, and there were 2,000 entries. Parade then narrowed it down and Ridgefield, Connecticut in Fairfield County was one of the finalists. Have you been there? It’s pretty adorable and it’s Main Street is vibrant which of course is what all the 169 cities and towns across Connecticut are trying to achieve again, vibrancy. That doesn’t happen over night and it doesn’t happen without your shopping help. Visiting your local shop keeper just means the world to them, and if they make it, small town America makes it. I get that it’s really easy to shop online and we all do it, but don’t you also want to have an experience that is not in a big box store? I do. Anyway, take a look at the top towns that folks like to visit across our country, they’re all very eye-appealing.      Photo courtesy: Doug Kerr/Flickr