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Take The Kids To The Drive-In


The Drive-in movie experience recalls an earlier era when there were over 4000 drive-ins in the United States. Now there are fewer than 400 drive-ins but fortunately for Connecticut residents, three drive-ins are still here in the nutmeg state: Barkhamsted (http://www.pleasantvalleydriveinmovies.com/ Mansfield http://www.mansfielddrivein.com/ and Southington http://www.southingtondrive-in.org/

The Southington Drive-In is unique because it was purchased by the city and volunteers called the Southington Drive-In Committee run it. Southington plays mostly family-friendly classics and this is an organization that gives back…more than $50,000.00 to worthy causes.

Mansfield and Barkhamsted are drive-in theatres that play current movies. Earlier in 2014 the Barkhamsted drive-in (Pleasant Valley) was the subject of a community run effort to save it because the cost of the digital projector was cost prohibitive. Through an auction and community involvement, the Drive-In was opened and this past weekend’s double bill of PLANES:FIRE AND RESCUE and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY was wildly successful.

The future of Drive-Ins will one day be in the hands of the young people of today who will remember these magical summer nights when anything feels possible and works of wonder are projected onto the giant screen under the stars. So consider taking your family to a drive-in theatre in Connecticut while we have the opportunity and build those unique memories with the next generation!

For more information go to this site:  Drive In Movie.