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You’ll Have A Ball With This Connecticut Event Planning Company!



Slainte’ Event Planing & Design Company out of Madison, Connecticut is just plain fun, I know this because I gave birth to one of the partners, the gal on the right, her name is Katie, she’s the youngest of my twin daughters by five minutes. The principle partner is Maggie, on the left, and she was in my eldest daughter’s wedding, so you could say she’s part of the family too. Lindsay who is my oldest daughter, is joining this crew as a make up and hair stylist. This trio has a ton of experience and they love to just have fun. They have done weddings all over New England from start to finish, corporate events too, book lauches, non profit events, they are one stop shopping. The shots are courtesy of Capture Photography

For the record “slainte” is an Irish terms which mean “to health” and or “cheers.”