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Julia Autumn Ford Says Music Saved Her

8bf272_e7000753a0d54e8cba940aa6e431a974.png_srz_p_609_610_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Julia Autumn Ford is a  17 year old  singer songwriter who is about to go on tour with her music after coming out of a very dark place.
She says it was her music that saved her. She was a clinically depressed teenager and  thought there was nowhere to turn but opting out of this world.
She was self-harming, cutting herself and telling no one, she also thought about suicide man time, but says one day she picked up her guitar and started writing music about her life and that saved her.

Julia wrote:

“I was 16, sitting in my room feeling entirely defeated and overwhelmed. The battle I was fighting with depression was at an extreme and I was sick of constantly letting not only everyone around me down, but also myself. In my mind there was no reason to live if I was contributing nothing but negativity; so I planned on ending my life. At the last second I put down the knife, picked up my guitar and wrote my first full song, “Don’t Give Up on Me”. I realized that I could say things I had trouble expressing through music, so music became my way of coping and ultimately healing. Your passion is your purpose, and I found my love for music is my passion when it became what I chose to live for.”

Julia still has the scars on her arm, but her music is moving her forward. She has a powerful message for teenagers every where…listen to her interview .


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  1. Rodney
    Posted October 1, 2014 at 8:02 pm | Permalink

    Music has been a calming influence forever. Somewhere in the Bible, if I remember correctly, someone told King David, who suffered from some mental disorder, to go and listen to a person who played the lyre, to get his head straight. Well at least someone told someone to go and listen to to a lyre player. The point being that music has soothed the “savage beast” for many of us where medicine and therapy has failed. You are an inspiration for your generation! God Bless