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Vintage Radio and Hi-Fi Repair In Connecticut



Well here you go. If you have a vintage radio or record player in the house like I do from generations gone by, and it doesn’t work ,here’s your repair guy in Connecticut. He’s in Windsor.  Mike Urban knows his way around vintage sound. His company is called Urban Antique Radio & Vintage Hi-Fi. I am quoting Mike here from his web site:

“My fascination with electronics started in the 70’s when I obtained my Electronic Engineering degree from Penn State University and my FCC radio license. I’ve always had a particular interest in radio which provided me with hours of entertainment listening to local sports broadcasts — this was before cable TV — as well as, tuning to programs coming via shortwave signal from all over the world! Upon purchasing my first vacuum tube radio at a garage sale, an international Grundig 3095, housed in a beautiful blond wood cabinet, I discovered the superior quality of tube sound amplification. The radio sounded so real that voices were almost with you in the room and the music had a warm, rich, full-bodied tone.”

So there you go, get that vintage sound machine you have in your home working again.