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Connecticut’s “Get In Touch” Partners With Guess Watch

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A gift of this watch will support the non-profit Get In Touch Foundation in Connecticut. The founder, Mary Ann Wasil, is a brave and wonderful woman from Milford, Connecticut. This single mother of three beautiful young adults has fought several bouts of cancer, and will actually never be cancer free, she continues chemo to this day. Mary Ann has worked 24-7 with her foundation and has given out a daisy wheel around the world to schools and young girls to make them understand how important it is for them to know their bodies, and advance breast health. Mary Ann is one of my heroes, who never stands down. She knows one day cancer will take her, but until then she is on a crusade for all of us and for our daughters. My family has been touched by cancer, my sister, Carol and my cousin, Margaret, they are also my heroes, they fought it with courage and somehow found some humor just like my friends Mary Ann, and Kristina, and Nancy. All of these women have emerged stronger and are changing the world in their own ways.


Mary Ann’s daughter, Betsy has blogged about her Mom, READ her words, and think about giving this watch as a gift or buy it for yourself, the gift will be ever lasting. 

Betsy Nilan writes: ” I was 13 years old when my mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then I have been mindful of being ‘in touch’ with my body and doing regular breast self-exams. I am a Founding Board Member and Youth Ambassador Committee Member of the Get In Touch Foundation, a global breast health non-profit that teaches girls the importance of and how to do a breast self-exam. The mission of Get In Touch is one I strongly believe in. Seeing what my mom has gone though in the last ten years of her life, living with her stage four breast cancer, I have learned to appreciate every minute of every day. I can confidently say that I value time a lot more than your average 23 year old.” 

You can find the watch at Macy’s in Connecticut and elsewhere, check for stores, HERE.