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Favorite Recipe ~ from Michael Buckley ~ Meatloaf


Michael Buckley, Connecticut’s You Tube sensation who developed the  “What The Buck Show” shares his favorite recipe with Network Connecticut. This is really a sweet story.

Michael tells me his late neighbor, Toni Zappala lived across the street from him in Meriden. Michael bought the house in which he loves now because  he loved Toni’s daughter Anna so much. Anna worked with him at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford (now it’s called  the Toyota Oakdale Theatre) back in the day.


Toni passed away a few years ago but before she died, she made a recipe book for him and for her family. It contained all of her favorite recipes. The book was all handwritten. Michael’s favorite recipe in Toni’s book is her meatloaf. Michael says he  loved her cooking and treasures the book she game him.

Handmade gifts like this are the things that matter in life and that is not lost on Micheal, he’s a sentimental being just  like me. Nobody writes anything out any more and that’s what makes this so very precious.