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I Miss Our “Department Store” World

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As a little girl going to a department store in South Bend, Indiana was a thrill. Our department store was called “Robertson’s.” It was a special day when you got to go downtown to Robertson’s. We got all dressed up and would get to ride the elevators up and down on all six floors and eat in the tea room. If you finished your lunch you got to go to a toy chest in the room and pick out a little prize. Department stores used to have soda fountains in them and mezzanines and beautiful christmas trees throughout the store for the holidays. Everything you bought was wrapped up for you all pretty like for free. This was a place where everyone went so you would run into friends and neighbors there, it was a kind of community meeting place. These types of stores are all but gone now so when I came upon this video I had to share it. I know you have a million memories from such places whether it was called Robertson’s or Gimbel’s or Macy’s or whatever name that was spelled out in a beautiful font on the front of the building. Share some of your memories with me here.