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Pinterest Is Brilliant, I Saw That From The Start!


Several years back, as I was discovering all kinds of social media platforms I came across Pinterest, I knew then how powerful this could be. Forbes has a great article on Pinterest. Most of my guy friends in the news rooms, said “I just don’t get it.” What’s not to get? This is an online platform to store all of your DIY ideas. Instead of tearing pages out of magazines, you stick them to Pinterest on different boards so you can organize them, Christmas, weddings, birthday parties, New Year’s Eve, vintage fonts, bicycles, dresses and on and on and on. Billions are on it and news organizations too, because they know so many people, mostly women, are here. Pinterest is a house hold name…hours and hours are spent posting on your Pinterest boards and looking at the boards of others around the world. Bravo, Evan Sharp and Ben Silberman. I reached out to Ben years back to see where he was based, he answered, we had a short conversation. Oh boy, who knows where this dynamic duo is headed next. Talk soon, I’ll be on Pinterest. Here are my boards, yep they are alphabetized>>>  Ann Nyberg