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Dear Taylor Swift, This Connecticut 14 Year Old Needs Your Help!

Dear Taylor Swift, you’re needed on this! Zoe Butchen of Ridgefield, Connecticut is trying to raise money for Parkinson’s Research for the Michael J. Fox Foundation and she has chosen your “Shake It Off” song to help her do that. She is a huge fan of yours and her idea us that your song will help others “shake off” Parkinson’s. You see, her Dad, Jeff, was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and she wants to help him and everybody else who has this disease or who will be diagnosed with it so it can be stopped in its tracks.  The whole town of Ridgefield is getting involved with her “Shake It Off” challenge. The Town Mayor/First Selectman said a resounding “yes” to Main Street being shut down on November 22nd so that thousands can dance in the street to your wildly popular song, “Shake it Off” so if you’re around, it would be so great if you could help Zoe in her endeavors, I’m trying to help her too as best I can by helping her promote her campaign. Zoe, is far beyond her age, she is a caring, compassionate young lady. Thanks so much in advance for your help.

Sincerely, Ann Nyberg,  WTNH-TV (abc)

P.S. Here’s where you can donate:  http://danceshakedonate.com/


Post script: And just look what Zoe pulled off after our chat! No, Taylor Swift was not there, but even so…WATCH.