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He’s A Football Agent and CT Coach, Here’s Joe Linta’s Chowder Recipe

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Joe Linta graciously gave me his recipe for chowder and we thank him so much! Linta is an NFL agent for a ton of guys including Baltimore Raven’s quarterback, Joe Flaco and the Cleveland Brown’s quarterback, Brian Hoyer, that’s just naming a few of the greats  he represents. When he’s not doing his agent thing, he’s a football coach at  Hamden Hall in Hamden, Connecticut. He’s a guy that gives back a lot and teaches that to those he represents. Linta is the father of two sons and married to Kathy, who’s a doll and who was at Purdue University at the same time I was. Enjoy the chowder!

Coach Linta’s Chowder


2 lbs of salt pork, cubed

3 lbs of onions, chopped

5 lbs yellow potatoes, chopped

5 lbs Russet potatoes, chopped

6 cubs of clam juice

4 quarts quahogs shelled and chopped

8 cups of heavy cream

Makes 16 normal servings, give or take.


Saute’ diced salt pork in a 20 quart pot until crispy. Remove and discard solids. Add chopped onions to the pot and saute’ until clear.  Add potatoes, clam juice and enough water to cover potatoes.  Cook potatoes until tender.

Add quahogs to the pot after the potatoes are cooked.  Remove pot from heat, cook and refrigerate overnight.  Reheat over medium heat and slowly add cream to taste and voila! there you have it.

Thanks coach!!!!~

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