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“The Brothers Crisp,” A Connecticut Shoe Company


 There’s a brand new shoe company based in Hartford called The Brothers Crisp. It’s named after the patron saints of cobblers. Who Knew? It’s been in business since March of 2013. The Cobbler in this case is 32-year old Josh Westbrook who learned his trade out on the west coast. He bumped into Trinity College grad, 25-year old Jeff Devereux, and the two young gents went into business. Their entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. They use machines that date back to World War II and then of course there is hand stitching involved too. Their best customer so far, a Doctor in Singapore who saw their shoes on their Instagram pagehe’s ordered five or six pairs already at several hundreds bucks a pop. Here’s their story.

http://www.thebrotherscrisp.com/   Hartford.