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The Hungry Need Your Help In Connecticut


Tens of thousands are food challenged in this state of about three million people. The Connecticut Food Bank works 24-7 to feed families and we at News 8 are lending some help. Have you looked into the eyes of someone who is hungry? They are so grateful for anything. Children cannot learn when their stomachs are empty, think about that for a minute. Many have lost their jobs and can’t find the work that they need to and so they are in line for food at the Connecticut Food Bank mobile units which travel around the state. Many who thought they would never have to stand in such a line, do. You may know someone who needs food  but they are too proud to tell you. Do what you can for others, and not just around the holidays, hunger is year round. One dollar a day can provide 10 meals for those in need, remember that when you are thinking about where to give your charitable contributions.