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This Holiday Season Visit The Mom and Pop Stores In Glastonbury, CT


This is an awesome example of what can happen when someone takes charge in a town to keep “Main Street” chugging along in this economy. Get a load of what is happening in Glastonbury, Connecticut for Small Business Saturday on November 29th. Melinda Kuzmak wrote to me to tell me what she has planned for shoppers, and this is exciting stuff. You can shop and win raffle tickets and the little shops are getting involved to get in on the fun of this. Really? Do we just want to order everything off line and talk to no one going forward? Not for me thanks. What about our Main Streets in Connecticut? You can help keep them strong and that is to get out there and support them.

Go to Melinda’s website for all the information and then head out to Glastonbury or wherever you shop in small towns all across Connecticut. Read HERE.