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New Beginnings in 2015 With “BeSpoke”

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Everybody thinks about health and well-being at the start of a new year. Paula Jean Burns is a Connecticut Motivational Speaker, Author and Transformational Coach. She has built “Bespoke ~ The Art of Living All In.”


Paula is “first” under the B’s on the Network Connecticut Business Directory, and you should know about her. What does she do? She teaches Professionals Living and Leading lives disconnected and uninspired, on auto-pilot mode, to Live and Lead through Inspired Purpose and Passion. Let’s face it a tone of folks are living lives feeling burned out. Paula Jean can give you strategies to look at life in a whole new way in 2015, she calls this “Living Life All In.” Paula Jean, as you will find out has walked the walk. She’s written about what matters too in a book called “Fifty Shades of Greatness.”

Here’s Paula Jean’s Network Connecticut Business Page.

Here’s her Facebook Page too.