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New Haven, A City Of Firsts



New Haven is a community of FIRSTS! Imagine the world without lollipops or hamburgers. What about mass produced wooden matches or even the Mounds bar? New Haven is the home to all of these items and more and the new exhibit at the New Haven Museum showcases the creations of this city over the centuries. From the Colonial era to the present day, New Haven produced a wide assortment of goods for American society. Through artifacts and advertisements, displays and more guests discover just how much New Haven has brought to the table, quite literally in many cases!
December 2014 will mark a new exhibit entitled “An Artist At War: Deane Keller, New Haven’s Monument’s Man” will explore this artist’s contribution to the war effort. Keller’s work is proudly displayed throughout New Haven, now you can learn more about the man who was part of a team commissioned to protect cultural heritage during wartime10821900_781321041935112_1559802727_o