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You’re Going To Love La Bafana and Friends, It Is “Mangia Magic”

007Well what a fun interview this was, it included a puppet by the name of  La Bafana. La Bafana is part of an old Italian tradition in which an old woman delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on Epiphany Eve  like St Nicholas or Santa Claus. Kate West of Madison, Connecticut published a book about La Befana and is now developing  her story into a television show. West  got connected to Ashley Nolan of Hamden who worked for Martha Stewart and she is now Co-Executive Producer of  what is called Mangia Magic. What a journey this is going to be! Pam Arciero is the puppeteer for La Bafana. Pam is the artistic Director at the Eugene O’Neill Puppetry Conference and is the puppeteer for Grundgetta Grouch on Sesame Street. Pam has spent more than 30 years doing puppetry and is a graduate of the famed School of Puppetry at UCONN. This is a very talented group. The premise of all of this is tradition, culture and food. The show will have special guests that will include famous chefs and folks of note. You’ll love the interview below. Oh, and they are crowdfunding here is the link for that to help them on their journey!  www.golabefana.com