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Connecticut Tomorrows Built by Innovators~ Miles Finch Innovation

10624583_763272380406587_7769164524505821775_nMiles Finch Innovation of New Milford, Connecticut is creative thinkery passionate about ideas and imagination. To us, innovation is simply the relentless pursuit of better ways – a philosophy we apply to all facets of business. From business strategy to new product development, we are innovation catalysts with a deep commitment to solving problems and creating opportunities for growth. Simply put, we have a healthy obsession for discovering how to do things better. Idea centric. Strategically driven. Humanly conscious.

And, this is how this company came up with its name: “Miles Finch Innovation was inspired by Charles Darwin. The finches he discovered on the Galapagos Islands (later named Darwin’s Finches) played a key role in shaping his evolution and natural selection theory. Although he had been studying much about species evolution, it was his discovery of the Galapagos finches that ultimately helped him connect the dots. “Miles” simply represents the path he had to travel in order to make the connections. Finches represent simplicity, variety, diversity and high energy – all important traits for creative and innovative endeavors.”