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Need To Get Rid Of Big Stuff? Ring Up AFA Electronic Recyclers


Need to get rid of stuff? Here’s a company that can do that for you, AFA Electronic Recyclers. This is an all female business, based in Madison, Connecticut who can do that for you based in Madison. The “AFA” part of Electronic Recyclers stands for “A Free Alternative.”   Also AFA started a “recycle for diapers” program to help young single mom’s and dad’s. Portions of proceeds are earmarked for specific destinations or individual single parents.You can contact them about donations of diapers, other baby needs as well. This is a company with a heart that drives big green trucks.

This company will come and pick up all the items below that you want to unload, how ’bout that?

Accepted items  are:




Networking equipment

Telecom equipment

Cable box

Power supplies

cell phones

Wire of any kind

office equipment

office furniture