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Devyn’s Charm~ Raising Money For Military Families In Need


Amanda and Mark Phelps have taken it upon themselves to raise money for military families in need after they needed help themselves. They have founded Devyn’s Charm. Mark is a submariner onboard the U.S.S.Dallas based in Groton, Connecticut, his wife, Amanda is keeping the home fires burning while he’s away with their three daughters, aged 9 and the twins are 7. Mark and Amanda are high school sweethearts and they are truly united as parents.

Devyn, the youngest twin was born with Apert Syndrome, it’s a genetic mutation. She has facial deformities, fused fingers and toes, she was on a ventilator, had a tracheostomy and has a ventricular plural shunt.Devyn was in and out of the hospital for  8-months and the couple went back and forth to Yale-New Haven Hospital caring for her from Groton. Little acts of kindness came their way including a $5.00 Dunkin Donuts card, enough to pay for two cups of coffee so they could take a breather here and there, a card for parking. They had to drive 50 miles each way and at that time gasoline was $4.75 cents a gallon.  They never forgot the random acts o kindness, and now that their Devyn is much better they have started a non profit called Devyn’s CharmThey are raising money to help parents who find themselves in similar situations with a sick child. Their biggest fundraiser is a music festival and they welcome volunteers and vendors to help them help others.