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The Beautiful Lavender Pond Farm In Killingworth



A bit of Provence is coming to Connecticut this year. An historic 25-acre former cattle farm in Killingworth is getting a new life. Seven acres of it is now home to 9-thousand lavender plants, they were put in last June. It’s now called Lavender Pond Farm and it opens this spring to the public.

Chris and Denise Salafia will soon see the fruits of their labors. The Salafia’s are winging the farming thing…it’s not in their backgrounds, but they are teaching their two young sons what it is like to have such a life, work had and play hard.

Their hope is that tourists will find their beautiful spot in Connecticut. Their boutique will feature lavender oils, soaps, candles and craft items. “Flora” the Labradoodle is the resident guard dog, you’ll see her when you arrive.

Facebook:  Lavender Pond Farm