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Connecticut’s Floral Education Center


I love flowers, who doesn’t? Even when I didn’t have much more than a dime to my name, I would buy a small bouquet  of flowers and arrange it at home just to have a pretty “moment” around the house when my three daughters were little. I love freesia, it doesn’t last that long, but it is so fragrant, so that’s what I would buy when I could find it. Turns out in Cheshire, Connecticut is home to the Northeast Floral Education Center where florists and the public can go to learn how to put together beautiful arrangements. I often think about taking a class or two just to learn the basics of arranging.

The regional floral design school offers quality floral education to both the public & the industry, it’s the only state certified floral school in Connecticut. Take a couple of classes here and who knows you might just become your local neighborhood florist.

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