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Fascinating! New York City,100 Years Ago In Video

017A huge thank you to the New York Post for putting this awesome video up of New York City some 100 years ago, so vibrant even then. The Post says this 8-minute video if from Yestervid, a film company that specializes in producing historical videos. They set out to explore NYC as it looked a century ago. The result is a montage of the oldest known footage of New York.

   The footage goes back as far back as 1896. The grainy black-and-white shows images of various neighborhoods and landmarks throughout the city — from breathtaking views of the tower on Brooklyn Bridge in 1899 to a subway train chugging through Union Square in 1905 or a cop in bobby cap twirling his billy club at a Lower East Side fruit fair in 1903.

The video includes present-day Google maps and historical tidbits to give viewers a better understanding of just how dramatically New York City has changed over the past century.