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Wait…What??? A Selfie With Jacques Pepin Marked A Remarkable Conversation


Wait how did this happen? A selfie photo with famed french chef, Jacques Pepin, his wife of 49 years, Gloria and Maureen Connolly, who runs an event company for social change. I don’t do selfies, but I’ll tell you, I’m really glad that Gloria said “let’s take a selfie” because this was a remarkable conversation that is now marked in time. A group of people who came together for good, a conversation that started around a round oak table. This came out of the blue, a ton of stars aligned and I found myself over at the Pepin’s in the kitchen talking about what could happen if we all put our heads together for an event that would be fun, and elegant and do good to support the Ana Grace Project. I ran into Gloria the other day in downtown Madison and asked her if Jacques might take a look at my first book I just wrote. Jacques has written 27, so he’s an expert. She said “sure” and then said, come over to the house we’re working on something, okay, deal. So I show up on a Saturday and in walks Maureen Connolly, whom I had met many moons ago, and then in walked Linnea Rufo who runs the beautiful Bee and Thistle Inn and Lounge in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Ideas started flowing about what an event might look like, where is it? what is the theme? Out came the coffee and a banana bread Gloria had made and we were off to the races. We hashed out a lot of things and when it was over, Maureen got Ana Grace’s Mom on the phone, Nelba and we relayed our thoughts to her.


Soon you will hear about an amazing event to be held at Western Connecticut State University at their brand new jewel of a theater, a 97-million dollar Visual and performing Arts Center. This night of magic will happen on October 3rd. It will be a fun-filled night of music, headed up by Ana Grace’s Dad, musician, Jimmy Greene, at the helm of  the food that will of course be Jacques Pepin, and in the end this will be about Ana Grace, and her life of joy. The moral to this story, make sure you stop and talk to folks you see, you never know what might come out of it that could be really earth shattering.