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Yep, There Really Was A “NYBERG” Car


The photos come from a posting on The Old Motor.com 

These photos were taken in Asheville N.C. during 1914. The Old Motor. 

I have known about “The Nyberg” for most of my life because my last name is NYBERG. we had some photos of the cars and fire engines and such around the house.


The NYBERG, like many early makers, had a short run because of under capitalization. The company was started in Anderson, Indiana, by Harry Nyberg (we have never found any lineage to him) who stated with a four cy-linder car. A six followed shortly, along with another factory building in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The company was in business for three years, 1911 thru September of 1913, when the firm was ordered closed and went into receivership.

This sporty roadster, appears to be a six cylinder model, which they came out with in 1912, on a 136″ w.b. and it was called the Sixty. In 1913 they had two sixes, a Six-45 and a Six-60. At least one car has survived in Chattanooga.

I actually talk to the guy who owns the NYBERG there, his name is Corky Coker of Coker Tire.

And here it is…..