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Guitarist Jamie Moses And The Rock Band “Queen”


British session guitarist Jamie Moses toured with the band Queen and Brian May over the years. Name the artist or the group and Moses has played with them: Beyonce, U2, Annie Lennox, Pete Townsend, Bob Geldolf, Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney. He saw Sir Paul a few years back at Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee when he was playing with Sir Tom Jones.

“What it is like to hang out with Paul McCartney?” we asked. “It was on his farm and it was his daughter’s 25th, Mary’s 25th, and I approached him during a break and I said you should get up and do ‘Birthday,’” said Moses. “He said ‘do you think so?” and I said ‘yes, of course. It’s her birthday, it will make her day.’ So he did and I got to do the Beatling on the mic thing with him, you know the Lennon and McCartney sharing the mic thing. I have the picture up on my wall.”

The guitarist says if he had to pick a favorite song he played with Queen, it would probably be “Under Pressure.” He’s in Connecticut to play a Queen tribute concert to help raise money to help save the Memorial Boulevard Theater as a favor to a friend, Joe Archambeault of Bristol.