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“On Deck” On NYBERG



Take a small business in Connecticut, in this case a company called Jeweled Bouquets of Preston and add three great experts in innovation and entrepreneurialism and you have a great show. It’s called “On Deck,” a kinder and more gentle “Shark Tank” that seeks to really help passionate business folks in the state get to the next level. The little guy is so busy slugging it out day-to-day trying to do everything on their own, they just need a little leg up. Experts help you stand back and take a look at where you’re headed and pitfalls that may lie ahead. Danielle Aspinwall, the founder of Jeweled Bouquets has a stunning product, a rhinestone over-the-top bridal bouquet for gals who want a show-stopping walk down the aisle. She is trying to let the world know about her. Jim Boyle/Director, Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, Kathy Rocha/Ex. Dir., Entrepreneurship, Innovation Consortium, UCONN and Kevin Bouley/Pres. CEO, Nerac, are among the top in the state of the folks who can help her do that. They are angel investors, they are innovators, they help build small businesses, they work with venture capitalists and on and on and on. Me, I’m the story-teller that keeps the conversation going on an even keel so that in the end it’s wrapped up with a bow and folks have a good time and the business owner feels refreshed. This is the RIGHT thing to do for Connecticut.

Famed small business Guro, Joe Connolly says on Twitter:

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