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Beers At The Beach



 Ken Tuccio’s Welcome To Connecticut Podcast is proud to launch BEERS AT THE BEACH, a series of live events taking place each month throughout the summer at Ripka’s Beach Café (located at Calf Pasture Beach) in Norwalk, CT.
The first event in this series will take place Thursday, June 11th at 6:30pm. The event will be hosted by Ken Tuccio and will feature an exclusive beer tasting from Beer’d Brewing Company (Stonington, CT). In addition to the exclusive tasting, this event will also feature a live interview (and audience Q&A) with Beer’d Brewing Company.

The concept behind BEERS AT THE BEACH is to bring breweries to Fairfield County whose fantastic beers are not readily available in this area, allowing enthusiastic beer drinkers to try their selections while also learning about the breweries through the live interview experience.
Tickets for this event are $35 when purchased online ($45 at the door). The ticket includes entry to the beer tasting, your choice of food (ticket holders may choose between 1 Hamburger, 2 Hot Dogs or 1 Veggie Burger), as well as the ability to watch and participate in the live interview with Beer’d Brewing. Tickets can be purchased online prior to the event at WelcomeCT.com.

Ken Tuccio, host of the Welcome To Connecticut Podcast and organizer of BEERS AT THE BEACH, had this to say about the event: “I think Beers at the Beach is a great chance for people in Fairfield County to enjoy the summer weather, hang out with good people and try some beers that you normally would have to drive a few hours to get your hands on.”
Dates, times and brewery participation for future BEERS AT THE BEACH events will be announced shortly.


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