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In Five Years It Will Be The 20’s Again…So Let’s Dance! (Videos)

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Well be still my heart…I love the 1920’s music and dance and elegance…so why not add a little of that past into the 2020’s? This whole article on DanceUs.org filled me with nostalgia of the past, why not bring back some of this music and dance? The jazz age… the swing fever… when dancing was dancing and music was music. It all sounds divine , this is my wheel house and I’m in! Dance Us writes:

“Christened “swing” by Duke Ellington with “It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing” in 1932, swing music began in music clubs around America – New Orleans, New York, Kansas City in late 1920s – and quickly gained popularity. Bridging racial divide, as black and white swing musicians played together… and opening the door for many female vocalists, swing had impacted society nearly as much as it impacted music.Following the first World War, the Roaring 1920s mark the era of optimism, frivolity and decadence. Rapid economic prosperity lead to a fast growing bourgeois and the birth of a cocktail party. The most famous depiction of one belongs to Fitzgerald’s and The Great Gatsby. “Jazz Age” ended as abruptly as it began with the crash of the stock market in 1929.”