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Miriam Rieder’s Beautiful Bakery Business

Talk about thinking outside the box. Miriam Rieder of Canton, Connecticut who discovered she loved to bake at age 11 while growing up out in New Mexico, has turned that passion into a business called Taste by Spellbound. This is not your ordinary garden-variety bakery located in Avon. Everything about it, and her, are genuinely beautiful. She has figured out how combine a lot of her passions, food, fashion, art, interior design in her branding and her cakes, cupcakes, truffles, french macaroons and everything else she makes or is a part of.
Miriam is about perfection and controlling her messages. At age 19 she decided to go for it and sent truffles to a radio station in New York City, just on a hunch. Smart move! They loved her product, and her, and the business took off. She saved all the money she got for selling thousands of truffles and took out a few loans and set up a bakery and store front in Avon, watching carefully how she spent her money. She is a smart business woman because now she is about to open a second location in Connecticut, again she is just 23. She credits her Mom for helping her reach her goals. Miriam is a food force to be reckoned with, just listen to her interview. Prediction for her….Icon.