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A Beautiful Sister-Filled Morning In A Little Corner of Norwich, Connecticut

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What a beautiful morning in Norwich, Connecticut with my sister Sue. Sue flew into Connecticut for a wedding and we got together and decided to head out for a bit and just happened upon Small Potatoes. It is a darling shop in a greek revival bungalow owned and loved by Erica Corbett. I have known about this doll-house of a place for several years but hadn’t had a change to get there…and voila’ we run right into it. Darling, darling darling! Erica is a wonderful give-back kind of gal and passionate about her small business and I can see why. We had a ball talking to her and then loaded up the purchases onto her counter. Some for Sue, our sister, Carol, things for my boutique, Annie Mame made by Connecticut folks. You have to get here! Erica has events going on at her place that you’ll want to go to. We went next door to The Pantry to get “lunchfast.” This is my term for; too late for breakfast and a bit early for lunch…”lunchfast.” The Pantry is a darling place, but it turns out on Saturday there is a “pop up” eatery inside called “De’s Delectables” so we had her menu. The Pantry features De’s Delectable’s on Saturday from 7am-1pm! We hit the jackpot again here. De is known for her cinnamon buns and pancakes and french toast too. Let me highly recommend the cinnamon buns with maple syrup and bacon. This was just so much fun, and in the blink of an eye Sue was back on a plane returning to Indiana where she is a children’s librarian. Sue and I are 18 months a part. I am so lucky to have her.

Slices-of-Life-Final-Cover_sm-214x300-1You’ll read about her and “us” in my book coming out in October called “Slices of Life: A Storyteller’s Diary.” Sue is on the cover standing next to the VW Bug. Anyway, get in YOUR car and go to Norwich!