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Lon Seidman: The Tech Guy


Are you a self-avowed geek? Awesome, then you need to know about this guy…Lon Seidman: The Tech guy. I met him several years back when I was figuring out all things internet, and have been following what he’s been up to ever since. Seidman knows the technology world is moving fast and he’s on the train and steering folks down the tracks. From his basement in Essex, he brings you “Lon TV” on You Tube. The guy can rapid fire information at you about anything and everything when it comes to gadgets, and yes, he showed up for his interview with me wearing an Apple watch. He can save you money on some of the gadgets that he has found, so that’s good news, cheaper items that do the same things as more expensive brands we all know. Take a look at this interview and then check him out on his You Tube channel where you will find tens of thousands of other folks following him. “Live” from Seidman’s basement you will learn all kinds of things.