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Beautycounter’s Gregg Renfrew, An Inspiration To Women In Business


You talk about a go-getter, sit down with serial entrepreneur, Gregg Renfrew as I did and you’ll walk away invigorated to go find your passion and act on it. At 19 she went out to Nantucket and set up a cleaning service to make money, and she walked away with thousands. She set up another company and ended up selling that to Martha Stewart. Are you seeing a pattern here? For her latest project this mother of three, who now lives in Santa Monica, California, is running Beautycounter. Renfrew didn’t see enough all-natural cosmetics on the market so she’s making her own and this company is off and running across the country.  Renfrew is a kind of guru for women, they are listening to what she has to say and they are following her in many ways. She is successful because she knows how to work hard and surround herself with a lot of smart people. Listen to her story and then let me know if you aren’t excited to start on a new project for yourself.