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Canine Cancer Vaccine Trials In Connecticut Could Lead To A Cure In Humans


Photo of multiple Savannah Jane was taken by Gary Choronzy of Connecticut.


Our Savannah Jane lived to be 10 years old and it was cancer that took her life. One Thanksgiving holiday in Indiana we brought her home from a pet store in a mall in South Bend, Indiana because she spoke to us. Fast forward, my husband, Dr. Mark Mamula, a Professor of Medicine in the Yale School of Medicine ends up working on a cancer vaccine that is now in trials in dogs at the Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk, Connecticut. Mark and his colleague, veterinarian, Dr. Gerald Post,  have partnered to see if this vaccine works in man’s best friend. Over the course of the next year or so, they will have that answer. If this works, human trials are next to see if this will eradicate at least breast and colon cancers and maybe a few other types as well. Dogs are full of unconditional love, they never tell you when they are sick, but you know one day they are and you make that excruciating decision to let them pass. That day was earth shattering for our family. To this day we miss our Nanna. Now with this trial underway the hope is that our animal friends will give us an answer for humans. Listen to Mark and Gerry’s interview below on MSNBC from Monday, July 27th, 2015 to hear more about their work. If you think you can help them or they can help you, get a hold of them.

Dr. Mark Mamula, Yale University School of Medicine (mark.mamula@yale.edu)
Dr. Gerald Post, Veterinary Cancer Center, Norwalk CT (203-838-6626)