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Clinical Dog Trials In Play In Connecticut To Knock Out Cancer

1891139_827775433974228_1505180637477662867_nHi all….My husband, Mark Mamula, a Professor of Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine is working in conjunction with The Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk, Connecticut to help save the lives of dogs who have cancer. If this works for man’s best friend, human trials could be in the near future for those with several types of cancer, including breast cancer.

This is from Mark to all of you whom this may affect.
“To those in New England (Connecticut, New York): My research group at Yale University is conducting a therapeutic clinical trial for canine cancers, notably breast cancer, colon cancer, osteosarcoma and selected other cancers. This is an experimental therapy in tumor bearing dogs and the trial involves two vaccinations and subsequent followup of your pet. The trial is conducted at an outstanding treatment facility, The Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk, CT. You may contact me with questions (mark.mamula@yale.edu) or the Veterinary Cancer Center directly (PH: 203-838-6626).”