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Colon Cancer Was No Match For Lajeune Hollis

012At age 49 Lajeune Hollis was told she had colon cancer. The news fell out of the sky for her. It took her a few days to wrap her head around such devastating news and then she got on with her life with a positive attitude that no matter how hard the journey she would beat it. She had multiple surgeries and chemotherapy. Lajeune has worked at News 8 in New Haven, Connecticut in sales for a long time and we all saw her go thru transformations when she was sick and when she got better, but she was always full of sunshine. Much can be learned for her and that is why I had her on the show so that others may be empowered with her words. This is a wonderful woman who has been through..she is a ray of sunshine when she walks into the room. Lajeune is telling her story on her blog called “The View From Lajeune.” She is writing everything down about what happened to her and how she handled it. She says she just has to write, she is being urged from a higher power to do so and it is resonating with her readers.