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In the Company Of Legends ~ Bacall, Carson, Fonda, Garland, Hepburn, Newman, Sinatra, Stewart


David Heeley and Joan Kramer have lived incredible lives as documentary filmmakers. Name an actor in the age of old Hollywood or television and they have interviewed them and put them in their films. Heeley says of all the greats they loved getting to know four-time Academy Award winning actress, Katharine Hepburn. There are so many stories jam-packed in their book about their careers and it is fascinating. The book called “In The Company Of Legends,” came out in the spring of 2015 and they are having a ball reliving their time with all the greats. A favorite moment for Heeley was the reading of a letter in the documentary they did on Spencer Tracey called “The Spencer Tracy Legacy: A Tribute by Katharine Hepburn.”  A number of years later they made “Katharine Hepburn: All About Me”, which was effectively a self-portrait of her. Enjoy the interview.