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One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Treasure


Tim Sway of Wallingford, Connecticut loves trash…if it’s found on the side of the road even better. Sway calls himself an upcyclist. He takes bits from here and there and makes new things out of them, tables and chairs and widgets. To him old stuff has a history…he says can spot a wood pallet from 6 blocks away and know that it’s going into his old truck. Sway is also a musician, so when he can he makes his own instruments with reclaimed items.  Sway wants to make the world a better place by keeping junk out of landfills and making cool new things that people find desirable to put in their home or place of work. Thank to Tim for making me my vase and beautiful flowers out of trash…I love this gift!


Sway’s Facebook pAge is HERE