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70 Years of Bigelow Tea in Connecticut


The Bigelow Tea Company of Fairfield, Connecticut is top drawer. For three generations it has stood the test of tea time and is winning. The Network Connecticut team went on a recent tour of its headquarters and had lunch with its CEO, Cindi Bigelow. She is vivacious, and “gets it done” for the people who work for her and the company. The thing that is so prevalent about Bigelow is that they care about their community and the people who work for them. We saw that for ourselves as we toured the plant. Folks on staff have worked for them for decades. To say that this company is philanthropic is an understatement, they give back to charity after charity after charity. That is the way to do business. Bigelow is there for others. What drew me to them in the first place? “Constant Comment” tea. I grew up with that in Indiana, it’s the only tea we had in our home.00105

Constant Comment tea is the foundation of this company. Cindi Bigelow’s Grandmother whipped up a batch of this tea, and to this day 70 years later ,it is the same formula. Take a look at the family history on their website. They are kind, and caring and we are lucky to have them in the state of Connecticut.