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My Sister, A Breast Cancer Survivor, Is Helping Others


 Tender Tanks

My sister Carol, a breast cancer survivor, is the creator of a garment she is calling Tender Tanks. I am so proud of my baby sister who has been so much, but through it all she knew when she was cancer free she would set out to help other men and women who would come after her, to help them in their journey. This is from Carol in her own words:


“I am a Breast Cancer Survivor who decided to turn my cancer journey into a helpful path for others who would get the same diagnosis. So, as a result, Tender Tanks were born.

A couple of weeks before I went in for a double mastectomy and reconstruction, I realized I had nothing to wear after surgery, I knew I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms for a while and I panicked about what I could wear as I tried to get well and begin to live a normal life again.

I looked and looked and found nothing on the market to help me out in this way. I knew I wanted to be as independent as I could following surgery, I wanted to be able to dress myself. Out of desperation in preparing for surgery, I sewed a garment myself. I made a make-shift tank with velcro straps, and I wore over and over again. It helped me so much as there is a lot involved in that kind of surgery. I knew I had found a new purpose in life and that was to help others. I had been an elementary education teacher, I loved teaching, but I was a different person, life was different now. Something was tugging at me to leave that world and grow in a different direction and so I set out to help others. Tender Tanks is the result of that new “me.” After I got healthy again, I worked and worked on a design and came up with the top. I wanted to make it available in all different colors and make it comfortable enough to wear post surgery at home and out and about. I incorporated those same velcro straps and made it very soft so that it can be worn day and night. This is my gift, my little invention from me, Carol the very strong women who beat breast cancer.”