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Schedule A Special Trip To Italy With Connecticut’s Ashley


Way to turn your passion into your livelihood! That’s what Ashley Turney of the Oakville section of Montville, Connecticut has done. Turney has been in the travel business specializing in Italy for over 20 years.  Her love of everything Italian began when she was a student at Trinity College and studied on the Rome Campus, as she says she “fell in love!” She lived and worked in Italy for 5 years and then several years ago started a boutique travel business designing customized itineraries for her clients. Her company is called L’Esperta.  You will find all the particulars there on what she does and where she travels within the country and you will also find her magnificently beautiful blog. We can all learn from what Turney has built here…life is short, do what you love. Okay…anybody planning a special trip to Italy?
Facebook: L’Esperta



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