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Take A Look At The Front Door Project


Welcome to The Front Door Project by Deb Cohen of West Hartford, Connecticut. She’s crazy about taking photos of homes all over New England and beyond. The front facade of certain homes, the front door, draws us in. Cohen has taken thousands and thousands of shots and these are just 20 of her “babies” as she calls them. Cohen started this hobby in the summer of 2014 as a way to motivate her to get outside and see the world and she hasn’t been able to put the camera down. She is a gal after my own heart. When it comes to picture-taking at my house, I am the shutter bug. Being a journalist, I have a need to document things, and taking photos is one way of doing that. Cohen’s photos are so pretty, which has attracted a huge following, thousands are following her work on social media. That has lead to many articles about what she is doing including a recent story in Town and Country Magazine. The publication found her work on her Instagram account and then decided to tell their readers about her obsession. What is Cohen going to do with all of these photos? She isn’t sure yet, but she has made a connection with so many people, I feel certain that something is going to come her way. At the very least I envision her own “stock” photo account. You name the architecture, she can match a house to it.

Facebook: The Front Door Project

Oh, and then my Texas buddy, Jamie Muro formerly of News 8 (WTNH-TV) took a liking to Cohen too and then this happened: