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They Walk Alike, They Talk Alike..Identical Twins, Judy and Joy

12036950_866060780145693_9201980031545900939_nJudy and Joy are identical twins who grew up in Bridgeport Connecticut, they have always been together, they finish each others sentences, to watch them together is to witness two people…but they are one in so many ways. Both are both Moms and Joy is a Grammy now too. They grew up in an italian family and cook up a storm, and you have probably have seen them on local TV being their entertaining selves, lots of fun and games until in 2012, Judy was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.  Judy admits she felt a lump, and kept telling her family she was going to go have it checked out but waited…it had been a year and a half between her mammograms.
As we head into October and Breast Cancer Awareness month, July’s message is don’t wait…get that mammogram “on time.”

Facebook: Judy and Joy