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From Tragedy To Purpose, That’s William Gannon’s Life


William Gannon was just a normal kid growing up in Wallingford with dreams of one day playing in the National Football League. But in an instant that all changed. At age 17 he was a passenger in a car that crashed…two of his friends died and his injuries would leave him with a limp.
Tragedy kept hitting him as life moved on…he lost his 4th child, a baby daughter at birth…his wife at age 33 would collapse at their son’s ball game with an aneurysm and died three days later and his parents are now gone too.
Many wonder how Gannon can even get up in the morning. This single father of three perseveres because of his three great kids. He has put his life into a book, called “To Lose But Not Fail.”
Gannon says his calling is to help others.


Gannon is a motivational speaker, his message is… pick yourself up and keep going. If you would like him to speak at your school or business, you can find out more about him on his web site: William J Gannon.