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Rochelle Ripley Of Glastonbury Is A Hero Among Us

Rochelle Ripley, A native American women from Glastonbury has been named a CNN Top Ten Hero of 2015. Why….because of her extraordinary work with the Lakota indian tribe on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota.
Ripley is assisting her people with her Hawkwing organization. She has seen to it over the years that her people…whose income level is just under 3-thousand dollars a year… get food and medical attention and she aids in their education too.
All of her work started with a promise to her Grandmother who taught her about the struggles of their people.If you want to join Ripley in her work out west, you can go to her site Hawkwing.
You can vote until November 15th for Ripley by going to CNNheroes.com If she wins the prize of 100-thousand dollars…the money will all go to the indian reservation.
Hawkwing Facebook page is HERE